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Maxima 2.2


Life is change. Every day I face choices and events that help to define who I am. Whilst evolving, I remain faithful to my idea of self, a dream perhaps from many years ago in which I was happy, able to appreciate beauty in all its forms and to celebrate its purity.


Fenix Laminate and Metallic Lacquer Kitchen

This stunning Cesar UNIT kitchen model was launched in spring 2019 and combines a red, soft-touch Rosso Jaipur kitchen island in Fenix laminate with sleek metallic effect Acciaio Ossidato kitchen wall cabinets. It was designed by our Italian Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini and has been awarded for several kitchen awards around the world already. This innovative kitchen model consists of exclusive Cesar design elements that were reinvented and redesigned in a completely new way. A special focus is to be put on the new, innovative cabinet finishes that include Rosso Jaipur Fenix Laminate for the kitchen island, countertop and cabinet doors, Acciaio Ossidato Metallic Effect Lacquer for the shaker cabinet doors and Rovere Corvino for the breakfast bar and the table.


Cesar N_Elle Modern Kitchen Model

Our Cesar Kitchen N_Elle is one of our most trendy modern kitchen models at Cesar NYC. This award-winning kitchen model exudes a feminine style that, like the modern woman, is elegant, contemporary, and charming. Cesar N_Elle embraces minimalist lines and has, like our other Cesar kitchen models, a highly refined kitchen cabinetry quality. Its beauty is expressed through its exquisite simplicity and design. It is a modern kitchen that is able to flourish and show its value by being integrated into the hearts and minds of our clients’ daily life at home.

Kitchen Stedia



The art of pure volumes

Our intuition led us to using “pure” (not bonded) materials on the aluminium structure of the Artematica doors, a move which opened up endless ideas and combinations. From the refined use of glass in every colour and finish to wood that conveys strong tactile sensations to lacquered surfaces and metal laminates, Artematica has been designed down to the last detail to make movements more fluid and more assured,  to bring about a softer closure of cabinet doors and to respect the highest safety standards thanks to rounded corners and edges.

Forma Mentis

In pursuit of materiality

Our view of the kitchen is that it should be a versatile project that can adapt to the requirements of its owners while at the same time being highly functional. The shape and materiality of the Forma Mentis doors, constructed with slanting edges that have micro ridges, has been designed to make it easy to grasp and open without the need of handles thus ensuring clean-cut lines and practicality-of-use.


the eco-tech kitchen

Together with the warmth of wood, we propose Riciclantica in a new version in stainless steel that has been first sand-blasted, then burnished, and lastly protected using nanotechnologies to give it a special, rough, finish.

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