Fenix Laminate and Metallic Lacquer Kitchen

This stunning Cesar UNIT kitchen model was launched in spring 2019 and combines a red, soft-touch Rosso Jaipur kitchen island in Fenix laminate with sleek metallic effect Acciaio Ossidato kitchen wall cabinets. It was designed by our Italian Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini and has been awarded for several kitchen awards around the world already. This innovative kitchen model consists of exclusive Cesar design elements that were reinvented and redesigned in a completely new way. A special focus is to be put on the new, innovative cabinet finishes that include Rosso Jaipur Fenix Laminate for the kitchen island, countertop and cabinet doors, Acciaio Ossidato Metallic Effect Lacquer for the shaker cabinet doors and Rovere Corvino for the breakfast bar and the table.



Cesar Unit Kitchen in Red Fenix Laminate

Kitchen Model: Cesar Unit Kitchen // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Modern Red Rosso Jaipur Fenix Laminate, Acciaio Ossidato Metallic Effect Lacquer, Rovere Corvino Wood, Smoked Glass With Fabric, Brushed Nero Marquinia Marble // Kitchen Island, Countertop and Cabinet Doors: Rosso Jaipur Fenix Laminate Finish // Kitchen Island with Open Compartments that are customizable // Kitchen Tall Cabinets: Acciaio Ossidato Metallic Effect Lacquer // Breakfast Bar: Rovere Corvino Integrated Round Wood Table // Cabinet Handles: Eero Gloss Nickel Nero Brass // Wall Cabinets: Smoked Glass With Fabric // Countertop: Brushed Nero Marquinia Marble //Adjustable feet: in Nickel Nero // Art Director: Garcia Cumini