Life is change. Every day I face choices and events that help to define who I am. Whilst evolving, I remain faithful to my idea of self, a dream perhaps from many years ago in which I was happy, able to appreciate beauty in all its forms and to celebrate its purity.



Design: Gian Vittorio Plazzogna

New Modern Kitchen Finishes

With the introduction of our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen came the innovation of new Cesar custom kitchen cabinet finishes for you to choose from. The recently launched silk-effect lacquer cabinet finish, available in a variety of custom colors, was inspired by the dazzling luminescence of big cities worldwide. The beauty of these new finishes, especially our Bianco, Quarzo, Laguna, Arenaria, Plumbeo, and Titanio kitchen finishes, is that they express different nuances depending on the daylight and indirect lighting systems used. Our modern Cesar Laguna and Titanio cabinet finishes express a new era of kitchen materials and design. Their rich, yet sleek texture manages to reimagine and reinvent contemporary kitchen cabinetry, hence making them unique, award-winning custom kitchen choices. Additionally, they help in creating a distinctly modern interior space by using even distribution of materials and finishes to create clean, sleek horizontal lines, so often desired in contemporary kitchen design.



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