Atlante3 | Drawers


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Simple, clean lines combined with precious and sophisticated material details give Atlante its distinctive as well as versatile connotative presence: a line of units with regular and oversized drawers designed to sit happily in the middle of a room and feel at home in any interior.
The drawer fronts match the colour of the carcass and have handy finger grips set into the sides for opening.
Adding a further decorative touch to the overall look and a dynamic feature breaking up the seamless façade, the vertical side recesses come in gold, bronze and titanium, or in any of the lacquered finishes.
It’s the top detail, though, that makes the design truly unique: made from marble creates a refined marriage of the classic and the modern, a quality that is clearly expressed in the essentiality of the volumes.
The modular design and option of choosing between such a range of different finishes lead to endless combinations, ranging from traditional shades to more eclectic looks, catering to every individual taste and requirement.

Versions and dimensions

  • W 43/53/63/73/93 x D 45 x H 26 cm (1 drawer)
  • W 43/53/63/73/93 x D 45/55 x H 51 cm (2 drawers)
  • W 73/93/123/153/183 x D 45/55 x H 76 cm (3/6 drawers)
  • W 73/93 x D 45/55 x H 125 cm (5 drawers)